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    SIMCom Attends Tokyo IoT M2M Expo in Japan - Build a Secure Life with Smart IoT

    On April 10th, 2019, the IoT M2M Expo was held at the Big Sight International Exhibition Center, Tokyo, Japan. Japan IT Week was established more than 24 years ago and is currently a benchmark in the Japanese IT market. SIMCom, a world leading Wireless Communication Module Company, set up a luxury booth together with CATHAY and THine and participated in the exhibition.

    As a leader in the module industry, SIMCom has been operating in the Japanese market for more than 10 years as the first Chinese Wireless Communications module manufacturer to serve Japan, and the first module company 4G certified by the three largest operators in Japan. Over the years SIMCom has provided Japanese intelligent terminal enterprises with quality cellular communication module products and complete communication solutions. Its 3G modules such as SIM5320J5320JE5320JD, 4G modules including SIM7500 series / SIM7000 series, are widely used in the manufacture of various terminals. The cumulative sales in Japan has exceeded 1 million units, serving more than 1000 customers.


    By enabling communication and even AI capabilities for traditional products, many of these products commonly seen in everyday life and production will witness revolutionary capacity improvements.

    For example, intelligent door locks connected to the cloud via AI module wireless network can be unlocked by mobile phone Bluetooth communication, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other means so you do not have to worry about forgetting the key. Intelligent surveillance cameras not only ensure that you can view your home and business premises on your phone anytime, anywhere, but proactively alert you when an abnormal condition is identified. What's even more impressive is the security function of the door lock, which, if linked to a camera, may automatically start the surveillance camera to capture the situation in the room and alert the owner when the door is opened in abnormal circumstances.

    Another example is the elevator. Elevator safety has always been a matter of concern, and usually requires lengthy and high-frequency manual inspections and maintenance by the elevator operator. However, by providing key elevator components with a communication capability, and connecting them with an intelligent operation and maintenance platform, they may perform uninterrupted real-time self-inspections, which greatly improves elevator safety and reduces the cost of operation and maintenance.

    Also, Japan prides itself on its automotive industry. The combination of the 5G communications network that will be commercially available soon and traditional automotive technologies will bring the most amazing changes since the invention of the car. SIMCom's upcoming 5G commercial modules and C-V2X automotive modules will help auto manufacturers embrace autonomous driving well ahead of schedule. Automotive and smart road facilities, including street lights, guardrails, video cameras with an IoT communication ability, may engage in ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency mutual communications with each other as machines, which will completely transform our understanding of traditional cars, and ultimately realize intelligent functions such as autonomous driving.

    In the face of the coming Reiwa era of Japan, SIMCom and its partners will continue to work to build an era in which we can lead a more secure life.
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