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    Thailand travel in 2017

    Thailand is one of the Southeast Asia countries. In 2013, we went to Malaysia. This year, the second Southeast Asia country---Thailand is our destination. “Thai” of Thailand means Freedom. We yearn for Freedom, so we will go to Freedom.

    Thailand is Buddhism country, most of Thai believe in Buddhism. So there are many temples at their land, which become a bright scene of Thailand. Many visitors around world come to visit them, praying for hope, safe, health, fortune and so on.

    Our traveling route is from Bangkok to Pattaya and then back to Bangkok, total five days.We visited the Royal Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple, Erawan Shrine. Sun is hot, but visitors’ heart is also warm, which couldn’t block their’ footsteps. In Pattaya, we lived in seaside hotel, which is a very new hotel and we can see the sea from our rooms. We tasted the seafood and different hot season fruits. And we rode the elephant, took the fast boat with the wind and waves, and walked the bottom of the sea, flied to the sky. Some colleages went to watch the Muay Thai at the local, which is very interesting. Of course, we also watched a LADYBOY Show. Every LADYBOY is very beautiful. This is a local characteristic in Thailand.

    Know more about Thailand, know more about their culture, we will love more our country and our company and our family and ourselves.

    Haoze Family in Royal Palace:
    Jade Bddha Temple:
    Special seafood and fruits:

    LADYBOY Show:

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