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    Fengning Bashang grassland Hiking

    This year, Haoze showed us a surprise. Haoze contacted a hiking company, and plan to FengNing Bashang grass land for a hiking. This time, before the hiking, we had almost one day to Beijing for a short visit. That’s wonderful. Although Beijing is our capital, we saw them everyday from TV, but everyone of us would like to have the visit. And we also met our Beijing colleages there and went to Bashang grassland together. We are a whole. Bashagn grassland is a very good place, there are many grasses, horse, and sheep. We lived in tents at night. We made everything by ourselves. Each day, we walked with about 50kgs. Boys helped girls, everyone was walking hard. This time, Haoze team had a very big improvement, not only the group, but also the individual.

    Tian An Men:

    Our tents on the grassland:


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